Printable Season Postcards 2019

The print is an 8×10.  You can print it at your house or at a local print place like Costco or FedEx Office.  I recommend printing on card stock.  Please don’t ask me if you can print it at specific stores because I don’t know.  Call the store and ask.  There was your Chelsea keeps it real moment of the day.

After I made my loop, I started to trace my Indiana shape with the wire and my round nose pliers.  I used masking tape to secure the wire as I went along.

In attempt to make my own state shaped necklace, I did a little researching last night and found a great tutorial on the blog, V Juliet.  I had everything I needed so no trip to the store was necessary.

I started by searching Google images for an outline of Indiana.  Then I scaled down the image to 2″ by 2″ in Photoshop and printed it onto card stock.  I grabbed my wire and made a loop at the top for the necklace with my round nose pliers.  My loop wasn’t made using a specific looping method.


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